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Founded in 1935 we are volunteer run, members organisation committed to perpetuating the memory of the pioneer settlers of South Australia and promoting their unique history.



  • To perpetuate the memory of the pioneers of early settlement in South Australia.

  • To establish and maintain a faithful record of the pioneers for the benefit of present and future generations.

  • To encourage the preservation of records, portraits, relics and historical materials associated with pioneer settlement.

  • To promote awareness and knowledge of South Australian history.

  • To affiliate with any other organisation with objectives similar to those of the Association


To be  awarded membership of the Pioneers Association of South Australia (Pioneers SA) a person must have at least one ancestor who arrived in the Province, now the state, of South Australia, on or before 28th December 1846.

It was standing room only when, on Thursday evening, 19 September 1935, the inaugural meeting of The Pioneers Association of South Australia was held in the parlour of the Adelaide Town Hall, courtesy of Lord Mayor Jonathon Cain. Sir Henry Newland’s formal proposal ‘That it is desirable to form a Pioneers’ Association in South Australia’ was seconded by Mr Stewart Duff and carried unanimously. The constitution was adopted, and 221 persons agreed to become members.

During his address Sir Henry Newland paid tribute to Mabel Marryat for suggesting the formation of the Association.

As a result of Miss Mabel Marryat’s desire to establish a pioneer club for women, and her commitment and diligent persistence, The Pioneers Association of South Australia came into being.

The Pioneers Association of South Australia - The First 80 Years by Cheryl Williss


     Travers Borrow

Miss Mabel Marryat

Sir Henry Simpson Newland

The Pioneers Association of SA
  The First 80 Years, by Cheryl Williss