Image: “Clanfergeal” (Artist E L Montefiore) Reproduced by kind permission of Brian O’Halloran 





The Posters produced to date are available here. The poster have been grouped in to lots of 10. To find a poster, use CTRL+F to search for a name, then click on the 'Book' number on the left to open a new tab to display the posters listed.


00 000 PRESCOTT, William ELVE, Christian Winchester 23 September 1838  Across the Sea
from White Cliffs to Eucalypts
001 JAGGER, Matthew SENIOR, Mary
Sir Charles Forbes 7 June 1840 Making the Best of a
New Life at Encounter Bay
002 ABBOTT, Giles BEWS, Sarah Buffalo 28 December 1836 From North Adelaide Hoteliers to Middleton Land Owners
003 CHRISTIE, Alexander
Sir Charles Forbes 10 June 1839 Pioneering twin brothers established properties at Marion and Cape Jervis
004 PARSELL, James BARRY, Mary
SHARPE, Christina
Africaine 14 November 1836 First To Be Christened in South Australia
005 HARVEY, Elizabeth BRINKWORTH, Thomas Somersetshire 24 August 1839 A Secret in the Chimney
006 HAYWARD, John REID, Keturah Rajasthan 16 November 1838 A Life Made ‘By Dint of Hard Work and Thrift’
007 AUSTIN, Joseph HOWARD, Mary Ann Esther Thomas Harrison 25 February 1839 Farm labour in a new Colony provides a large family with a future
008 REID, Keturah HAYWARD, John Platina 9 February 1839 Scottish Milkmaid Takes a Lone Voyage to a New Life
009 BRINKWORTH, Thomas HARVEY, Elizabeth Somersetshire 24 August 1839 Broadweaver makes a new life in South Australia
01 010 RICHARDS, William WATTS, Esther Java 6 February 1840 Survival at Sea Prepares Tailor for a New Life
011 STACE, Joseph (unknown), Eliza
Coromandel 17 January 1837 Portugese Civil War Veteran Finds Success in South Australia
012 JACOBS, Isaac DAY, Elizabeth John Renwick 14 February 1837 One of Cherry Gardens Founding Families
013 FROST, John KING, Mary Ann Taglioni 18 June 1844 Mining for Prosperity in a New Land of Promise
014 AYLES, Joseph LANSLEY, Elizabeth Fairfield 14 December 1840 From agricultural labourer to South Australian land holder
015 MARCHANT, Eliza MARCHANT, William Fairlie 7 July 1840 A Widowed Mother Lives to See Her Sons Prosper
016 MÜLLER, Johann Ferdinand KLEINITZ, Auguste Wilhelmine Skjold 28 October 1841 Flight from Persecution to the ‘Valley of Praise’
017 McKAY, George WILLIAMS, Mary Canton 2 May 1838 Master mariner finds his family a new home port
018 COLE, George COOPER, Sarah
(unknown), Jane
Lysander 6 July 1839 A Fresh Start for a Reformed Man of Art
019 MacINTYRE, Alexander MacDONALD, Jean Rajasthan 16 November 1838 Early Police Constable Moves to Life on the Land
02 020 WILSON, John CLARK, Mary Hartley 20 October 1837 ‘A Fine Land for the Hardworking Man’
021 NORMAN, Robert HAYES, Sarah Taglioni 18 June 1844 The Colony’s First Dentist & Founder of Normanville
022 NEALES, John Bentham WILLIAMS, Margaret Eden 24 June 1838 The First Member for Adelaide Makes his Mark
023 COCK, Robert WISHART, Betty
CHRISTIE, Catherine
Buffalo 28 December 1836 Exploring Spirit Helps to Uncover a Colony’s Assets
024 TENNANT, John AITKEN, Jessie Duchess of Northumberland 19 December 1839 Shepherd Leads his Flock Overland to Success
025 BAIRD, Marion COULTHARD, William
Navarino 6 December 1837 A Life Dedicated to Family
026 PARKYN, Caroline GRIGG, Joseph Cleveland 18 December 0183 Rewards for Hard Work at Home and on the Land
027 PHILLIS, James CHAPMAN, Susannah Duchess of Northumberland 19 December 1839 In Honour of a Pleasant Home and Family
028 WHITE, George BAXTER, Eliza Royal Admiral 18 January 1838 New Colony is Tailor-made for an Entrepreneur
029 DAY, Richard HARRIS, Mary Ann Royal Admiral 18 January 1838 “Forward, was my motto”

030 FOLLAND, Charles French VICKERY, Charlotte Resource 23 January 1839 Former Tradesman Turns His Hand to the Land
031 COLLIE, Margaret McQUARRIE, Duncan
SEARLES, Richard
KIDD, Joseph
Prince George 26 December 1838 A Pioneering Woman Struggles to Make her Way
032 BURFORD, William Henville MESSENT, Elizabeth
SYMONDS, Frances
Pestonjee Bomemjee 11 October 1838 A Candle Maker’s Life Burns Bright
033 LARKING, John HYDE, Catherine
HUGHES, Phoebe
Orleana 10 June 1840 A Spirited Landlord Brings Joy to His Neighbours
034 DAVY, Edward MINSHULL, Mary Ann
SOPER, Rebecca
HARDINGE, Arabella
Somersetshire August 1839 An Inventive Medico defeats Calamity and Change
035 GOZZARD, George HAYWARD, Rosanna
BATTAMS, Charlotte Pell
Duchess of Northumberland 12 December 1839 Wesleyan Stalwart Serves the Gawler Community
036 LILLECRAP, William RYALL, Jane
Katherine Stewart Forbes 17 October 1837 Company Man Helps to Lead his Community
037 GOLDSACK, Stephen McCLOUD, Jane Hannah
Trusty 15 May 1838 A Baker’s Skill Feeds the New Colony
038 O'HALLORAN, William SMYTH, Eliza Lallah Rookh 11 August 1840 A Soldier, A Gentleman & A Servant of the Colony
039 KELLOCK, John (unknown), Margaret Java 6 February 1840 Horror Trip from Scotland to a Very New Way of Life

040 CROSBY, Daniel DURIEU, Emma Planter 16 May 1839 Police Man who Recorded His Life in Verse
041 CRAIGIE (née WALKER), Margaret CRAIGIE, John India 23 February 1840 From Servitude to Struggle in a New World
042 HORSNELL, John LLOYD, Sarah Ann
SMYTH, Elizabeth
Lysander 6 July 1839 Hard Work Transforms a Shaky Start into a Fortune
043 SCHRODER, George SILVER, Frances
RICE, Jane
Winchester 23 September 1838 A Difficult Beginning to Life in South Australia
044 HEWETT, Henry Grigg ABBOTT, Mercy Buffalo 26 December 1836 A Family of Builders Makes Their Mark in Blackwood
045 DOWNER, Henry FIELD, Jane Eden 24 June 1838 Naval Tailor Fathers a Political Dynasty
046 PURTLE, Patrick HERREEN, Margaret Mary Dugdale 1 October 1840 New Life Founded with Help from the Hem of a Petticoat
Pestonjee Bomemjee 12 October 1838 Testing Times for a Pioneering Woman
048 HACK, John Barton WATSON, Bridget Isabella 11 February 1837 Ups and Downs for a Hard Working Community Man
049 WOOD, Ann WATKINS, Thomas Lady Emma 4 December 1837 A Local Champion with a Loveable Disposition




05 050 HORNSBY, Joseph Henry GOLDNEY, Miriam Navarino 6 December 1837 The Hornsby Family from England to South Australia 1837
051 KEKWICK, Daniel DARTON, Mary Ann Warrior 17 April 1840 Quaker Seeks Religious Freedom for his Family
052 RICHARDSON, Henry Colls REYNOLDS, Jane Lysander 6 September 1840 A Pioneering Architect
053 MATTHEWS, Thomas HURD, Harriet Robert Moffatt 10 December 1839 A Founding Father of Coromandel Valley
054 OTTAWAY, Thomas Finch HYDE, Harriet
SMITH, Hannah (Anna)
Buckinghamshire 21 March 1839 A Baker Turned Hotelier
055 MILLS, Richard HENRY, Anne Margaret
Royal Admiral 13 December 1840 One Lucky Day….
056 CHITTLEBOROUGH, James COATS, Maria Buffalo 24 December 1836 He came on the HMS Buffalo
057 NITSCHKE, Friedrich SUESS, Maria Elisabeth
STAUDE, Johanne Christiane
Zebra 28 December 1838 He came on the HMS Buffalo
058 SEIDEL, Christian SCHULZ, Anna Elisabeth George Washington 12 September 1844 Farmers Forging a New Life in Lobethal
059 FASSNIDGE, John GOLDNEY, Maria Lysander 6 July 1839 Hard Times for a Carpenter
06 060 I'ANSON, Leonard VII PLESTED, Maria City of Adelaide 6 July 1839 A Grand Home with a View
061 BLISS, Richard GRIFFITHS, Elizabeth
FOX, Keturah
Enterprise 11 October 1840 An Enterprising Engineer
062 NORTON, Robert MARSH, Mary Coromandel 17 January 1837 Founder of Norton Summit
063 HENEKER, James SPENCER, Mary Ann Hooghly 17 June 1839 Have Cart…. Will Travel
064 WINGATE, William PINCER, Frances Branken Moor 4 February 1840 A Pioneer of Munno Para West
065 BUCHANAN, Alexander HADDRICK, Penelope
Welcome 3 April 1839 From Overlander to Sheep Station Manager
066 COX, Harriet PHILLIS, William Duke of Roxburghe 28 July 1838 A Pioneering Mother of Mount Pleasant
067 STONE, James EVANS, Harriet Cygnet 11 September 1836 Founding a Family of Farmers at Bull Creek
068 GOLDNEY, Frederick DINAN, Ellen Fairlie 7 July 1840 A Most Experienced Pressman
069 GOLDNEY, William Jnr PURCELL, Ann Navarino 6 December 1837 A Trans-Tasman Pioneer
07 070 GOLDNEY, Henry DUKE, Mary Ann Fairlie 7 July 1840 A Sober and Prosperous Wheat Farmer
071 GOLDNEY, William HARROW, Maria Fairlie 7 July 1840 A Quaker Family Returned To Their Faith
072 DUKE, George BURTON, Sarah
MELVIN, Jessie
Hooghly 17 June 1839 A Family Link with the Eureka Flag
073 FIELD, Henry NEWLAND, Sophia
SERVANTE, Mary Louise
John Renwick 10 February 1837 A Pastoralist of Changing Fortunes
074 JACOB, John COWLES, Mary William January 1838 A Pioneering Mid-North Pastoralist
075 HAINING, Robert GRANT, Jessy Orissa 21 November 1841 A Founder of Churches
076 ANDERSON, Jane GOODE, William Asia 16 July 1839 White’s River Homestead and the Anderson Family
077 JACOB, William BAGOT, Mary Rapid 17 August 1836 From Pioneer Surveyor to Vigneron and Winemaker
078 JACOB, Ann HORROCKS, Arthur Ganges 5 March 1839 An Educated and Industrious Woman
079 MUGG, Thomas WOOLACOTT, Elizabeth Planter 16 May 1839 Perilous Journey to Become Teacher & Cemetery Curator

080 THOMSON, Walter CRAWFORD, Jean Prince George 26 December 1838 A Successful Contractor with Vice-Regal Appeal
081 NOURSE, Richard (UNKNOWN), Anne
Katherine Stewart Forbes 21 March 1839 The Carpenter With A Wooden Leg
082 DENFORD, Robert DEVONSHIRE, Ann D'Auvergne 21 March 1839 A Family of Carpenters and Hoteliers
083 CAVENETT, John SLUMAN, Eliza
WARE, Eliza
Brightman 13 December 1840 A Unique Family Name Survives
084 SNELLING, Henry HILLIER, Elizabeth Charles Kerr 17 June 1840 Enterprising Farmers on Kangaroo Island
085 SHEPHARD, William GARRETT, Ann Tam O'Shanter 26 November 1836 He Gave His Name to a Major Road
086 WEIR, David MANUEL, Elizabeth Ann Prince Regent 25 September 1839 A Faithful Employee and Churchgoer Memorialised
087 FIELD, Lt William DAVENPORT, Jane Rapid 20 August 1836 A Navy Man and Pioneer of Pastoralism
088 NEWLAND, Rev Ridgway BENNING, Jane
Sir Charles Forbes 7 June 1839 He Paved the Way at Encounter Bay

090 YEATES, John DALL, Ann
CRANE, Frances
BARR, Martha
Bardaster 22 January 1839 Third Time Lucky…
091 SHEPHERDSON, John CRAIKE, Marianne
GREEN, Sarah
Hartley 9 December 1838 A Pioneering School Teacher
092 SMITH, (William) John NEILSON, Ann Somersetshire 9 December 1839 The Smiths of Smithfield
093 GEPP, Thomas FRANCIS, Ann Fairlie 7 July 1840 Two Times a Migrant
094 LEWIS, Samuel LEES, Caroline
Moffatt 19 December 1839 His Story is Found in Stones
095 MAZEY, Israel WOOLMAN, Hannah Duke of York 27 July 1836 One of the Original Settlers
096 HARRIOTT, Andrew HALLIDAY, Margaret Pero 22 September 1838 Publican who Became a Farmer
097 STAKER, Francis PAIGE, Harriet Katherine Stewart Forbes 17 October 1837 Pioneers of the Mid‐North
098 MAY, Joseph MORRIS, Hannah Anna Robertson 20 September 1839 A Family Well Prepared for the Pioneer Life
099 SCHILLING, Johann Christian SCHILLING, Johanne Rosina Prince George 21 November 1838 An Original German Pioneer Settler
10 100 SMART, John WILSON, Agnes Ariadne 13 August 1839 Pioneers of Golden Grove
101 ROBERTS, Thomas WEBB, Hannah Sir Charles Forbes 10 June 1839 The First Farmer of Greenwith Farm
102 WATTS, George        
103 MAYFIELD, Thomas TOOLEY, Rebecca Prince Regent 26 September 1839 A Farmer of Many Districts
104 STANITZKY, Nicolaus OLENICZOCK, Rosalie George Washington 12 September 1844 The Source of ‘Hill of Grace’
105 HILLIER, Elizabeth SNELLING, Henry Charles Kerr 17 June 1840 A Pioneering Life on Kangaroo Island
106 HOLLY, William PEARCE, Keturah Apolline 12 October 1840 A Journey from ‘Agriculturalist’ to Publican
107 VOSPER, Amelia BRANDON, Thomas Madras 12 September 1843 A Woman of Strong Faith
108 WILKINSON, John MAYNARD, Rebecca Trusty 15 May 1838 An Industrious Wesleyan Farming Couple
109 WINDEBANK, James BELL, Mary Ann Africaine 2 November 1836 A Farmer Makes Good Near Kapunda
11 110 CHAPMAN, William DAVEY, Sarah Templar 24 November 1845 A Pastoral Pioneer of Port Lincoln
111 BELL, Mary WILSON, Thomas Resource 23 January 1839 A Hard Life on the Land
112 COWLEY, Thomas BEVIS, Rebecca Charles Kerr 17 June 1840 A True Pioneering Couple
113 FISHER, Mary PLEW, John Duchess of Northumberland 17 December 1839 It All Began at Wadnama
114 SPENCER, William COOK, Maicey Fairlie 7 July 1840 A Pioneering Family of Morphett Vale
115 GARDNER, John PATERSON, Susan Welcome 3 April 1839 The Gardners Who Became Farmers
116 COULTHARD, William BAIRD, Marion Buffalo 28 December 1836 A Pioneering Explorer Dies Young
117 BUCK, Robert ROBERTSON, Maria Rapid 20 August 1836 Old Buck Pioneer
118 DARKE, John CARTER, Elizabeth Lady Emma 2 December 1838 Darke of Darke’s Peak
119 BEYER, David AIRD, Jennet Joseph Albino 27 August 1844 A German Carpenter Succeeds in a New Land
12 120 PEDLER, William III NICHOLLS, Elizabeth
Royal Admiral 18 January 1838 The Cobbler of Cobbler Creek
121 CHANDLER, Charles NEWELL, Ann Elizabeth
CLARK, Harriet
John Pirie 16 August 1836 Chandler of Chandlers Hill
122 BUCK, Robert Jnr WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Rapid 20 August 1836 One of the Colony’s Original Seafaring Settlers
123 HICKMAN, William CHANDLER, Sarah William Mitchell 27 August 1840 A Champion Farming Life on Yorke Peninsula
124 DRAYTON, William HICKMAN, Rachel
HALL (née TILLIDGE), Charlotte
Diadem 16 November 1840 South Australia’s First Draytons
125 SOPER, Rebecca DAVY, Edward Caroline December 1839 AnEstimable and Clever but ‘Invisible’ Wife
126 CALNAN (née  BOW), Mary Ann CALNAN, Jeremiah Africaine 4 November 1836 A Resilient Pioneer Loses Her Husband and Son
127 WEGE, Johann Heinrich BRUSE, Maria George Washington 22 January 1846 A Refugee Leaves His Legacy
128 POLLARD, John Edward SMITH, Maria Africaine 14 November 1836 One of South Australia's First Policemen
129 FISHER, Thomas TAYLOR, Emma Navarino 6 December 1837 A Carpenter Builds a Future

130 WEIR, David Snr HARRISON, Martha
McNAB, Catherine
Prince Regent 24 September 1839 The Community-Minded Baker of Stockport
131 MATTNER, Johann George (UNKNOWN)
ADAM, Ann Rosina
Catharina 25 January 1839 A Farmer Finds Freedom of Worship in Langmiel
132 MATTNER, Johanne Louise KLEMM, Johann Gottlieb Catharina 25 January 1839 Farmer's Wife Prematurely Taken from her Family
133 BUSHELL, Henry PHILLIS, Charlotte Africaine 2 November 1836 The Mount Pleasant Bushells and Their In-Laws
134 MOSELEY, Henry Jackson MAYNARD, Alice Tam O'Shanter 20 November 1836 His Family's Name Was Given to a Famous Square
135 O'HALLORAN, Mary GILES, Thomas Lallah Rookh 11 August 1840 The Matriarch of a Talented Family
136 WILKINS, William CHIVERS, Mary Ann Emma 5 October 1836 Ancestor of a Great Polar Explorer
137 DREYER, George Ludwig FOLLE, Anna Louisa Heerjeboy Rustomjee Patel 18 September 1845 He Would Not Give Up
138 WATSON, Mary Anne WATSON, Lt Henry Jonas Canton 2 May 1838 The French Grandmother
139 COX, Thomas BAXTER, Anne Marie
Duke of Roxburghe 27 July 1838 A Pioneering Farmer of Walkerville

140 WAINWRIGHT, William Snr GARRARD, Hannah Lloyds 1 Dec 1838 From Yeoman Stock to Watchmaker to Yeoman
141 ADAMS, John William FABIAN, Susanna Buffalo 28 December 1836 A Pair of True Pioneers
142 PRANGLEY, Tabitha WICKHAM, Benjamin Africaine 8 November 1836 The Colony's First Nurse
143 WICKHAM, Benjamin PRANGLEY, Tabitha
HAYWARD (née AVERY), Harriet
WRIGHT (née STEER), Mary Ann
Africaine 8 November 1836 He was aProlific & Versatile Pioneer
144 JOLLY, James WATSON, Harriet Baboo 11 March 1840 From Surgeon's Assistant to Beloved Teacher
145 WOOLMAN, Henry ULN, Margaret Navarino 30 November 1837 Form Heligoland to Kangaroo Island
146 KELSH, John PRESTIGE, Catherine Eliza 9 November 1844 Irish Pioneers from Van Diemen's Land
147 HARRINGTON, James BARNARD, Amelia Katherine Stewart Forbes 17 October 1837 A Most Enterprising Christian Farmer
148 WATSON, Henry Jonas HARRIS, Mary Canton 2 May 1838 The Farmer Who Become a Publican
149 BEARE, Thomas Hudson LOOSE, Lucy Ann
BULL, Lucy
Duke of York 27 July 1836 One of th eFirst Among the Many


15 150 MILLER, Thomas Snr TAYLOR, Rebecca Fairlie 7/7/1840 The Mintaro Methodists
151 MILLER, Thomas Jnr PEARCE, Catherine Fairlie 7/7/1840 The Beginning of a Farming Tradition
152 FAHY, Ann(e) HOLLAND, William Birman 6/12/1840 Hard Work Rewarded in Cudlee Creek
153 WELBOURN, Thomas Snr PLAYFORD, Hannah John Renwick 9/2/1837 A Marriage of Mixed Fortunes
154 HAWKE, William Snr BENNEY, Susan Java 6/2/1840 From Disaster to Prosperity
155 WOODFORDE, Dr John CARTER, Caroline Rapid 19/8/1836 A Pioneer Surgeon and Colonial Coroner
156 O'HALLORAN, Major Thomas Shuldham GOSS, Ann
Rajasthan 16/11/1838 A Military Man who made his Mark
157 GLEN, George SHORT, Millecent Sophia Templar 24/11/1845 They Made Names for Themselves in Millicent
158 HARDY, Alfred NEWENHAM, Mary Louisa Cygnet 11/9/1836 A Noted Surveyor and Road Builder
159 NEWENHAM, Charles Burton DARLEY, Mary Louisa Navarino 6/12/1837 The First Auditor-General of South Australia
16 160 OWENS, Edward KELLY, Cecilia Baboo 11/3/1840 An Energetic Irish Farmer who died too Soon
161 OWENS (née KELLY), Cecilia OWENS, Edward Baboo 11/3/1840 One of the Five Kelly Sisters of Ballinasloe
162 KENIHAN, Hugh  KELLY, Isabella Navarino 6/12/1837 His Name is Remembered in Happy Valley
163 VARDON, Ambrose Edward PAINTER, Elizabeth Moffatt 19/12/1839 The Pioneer Shoemaker and Citizen of Hindmarsh
164 PAINTER, John Snr GRINSTEAD, Mary Ann Fairlie 7/7/1840 He Tried his Hand at Many Trades
165 ROFE, James GILLARD, Eliza
Charles Kerr 17/6/1840 A Carrier who Embraced Methodism
166 BROOK, John HIRST, Ann Hooghly 24/10/1846 From Yorkshire to Yankalilla
167 LEWIS, Henry Snr RYAN (née FENTON), Catherine   c1842 A Man of Many Parts: Butcher, Hotelier, Stock Trader and Farmer
168 WHITE, Samuel Snr O'HALLORAN, Eliza William Barras 19/12/1839 A Prosperous Pastoralist Partnership
169 HERD, (aka WILSON) Robert Snr SHEPHERD, Elizabeth   by 1839 via Sydney, NSW A Pioneer of Balhannah
17 170 BUCKHURST, George SIMMONS (née PIKE), Charlotte Prince George 26/12/1838 A Butcher, a Baker..
171 DUNN, John Snr ROWE, Ann
Lysander 6/9/1840 The Father of Mount Barker
172 DUNN (née ROWE), Ann DUNN, John Snr Lysander 6/9/1840 A Pioneer Woman of Mount Barker
173 DUNN, John Jnr WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Lysander 6/9/1840 Flour Miller and Missionary
174 MARCHANT, George Bradley Snr TRIMMER, Jessie Emily Fairlie 7/7/1840 A Sheep Farmer who Fathered a Flock of Children
175 CUDMORE, Daniel Michael Paul Snr NIHILL, Mary   1837 from Van Dieman's Land An Enterprising Businessman and Pastoralist
176 FIDGE, John Snr BOURN, Harriett Duchess of Northumberland 19/12/1839 A Man of Vision
177 RAINS, Willian Henry Snr PERKINS, Sarah
Navarino 6/12/1837 A Man of Many Parts
178 HUNTER, Peter Larns Darcy UNKNOWN, Jane
LEWIN (née DAVIS), Elizabeth
 DRAYTON (née COLE), Emma
Eliza 14/5/1840 Through Tragedy and Triumph
179  FOX, RobertSnr FARNHAM, Ruth Buffalo 28/12/1836 From Humble Beginnings

180 DENNIS, Robert FLACK, Charlotte Bardaster 22/1/1839 The Seaman turned Farmer
181 BEVIS, John Snr MANN, Margaret Pestonjee Bomemjee 11/10/1838 A Master Builder and his Centenarian Wife
182 WALKER, James DEMPSEY, Elizabeth Agnes India 23/2/1840 A Versatile Scotsman
183 LOVELOCK, George Snr GLASS, Ann Prince Regent 25/9/1839 He Sowed the Seed down South
184 MARTIN, Thomas Snr EVANS, Mary Lysander 6/9/1840 The Publican at the Pier at Port Willunga
185 HOSKIN, James Turner Phillip Snr WHITE, Hannah Sans Pareille 27/9/1845 from Tasmania The Blacksmith and the Enduring Widow
186 WILLIAMS, Jane Cork DUNN, John Snr Orator 2/10/1849 A Generous Philanthropist
187 HURRELL, Isaac PAYNE, Maria (née MABBET) Hartley 26/12/1838 From Convjict to Respected Pioneer
188 BURFORD, Elizabeth BOWEN, Charles
FINLAYON, Robert Kettle
Pestonjee Bomemjee 11/10/1838 Her Industry was Rewarded with Prosperity
189 COLE, Aaron BARLOW, Mary Ann Lysander 6/7/1839 A Versatile Methodist Devoted to Self-improvement

190 MONTGOMERY, Samson HARDING, Sarah (née WRIGHT) Henry Porcher 1/7/1838 Almost a Centenarian
191 WRIGHT, Sarah HARDING, William
Anna Robertson 20/9/1839 From Earlly Tragedy to Family Harmony
192 BRAIN, Malachi MASTERS, Loisa William Mitchell 24/8/1840 From Somerset Tailor to Farmer of Skillogalee Creek 
193 BEAUMONT,Phoebe MIDDLETON, Johnson Lysander 6/7/1839 A Pioneer of the Northern Suburbs
194 AVERY, Harriet HAYWARD, Thomas
WICKHAM, Benjamin
Royal Saxon 5/9/1841 A Widow with Vice-regal Connections
195 LINKLATER, James Munro FLETT, Mary Indus 26/2/1840 He went West to Make his Fortune
196 STOLE, Mary LEWIS, Christopher Lalla Rookh 11/8/1840 An Almost Unrecorded Settler
197 PLAYFORD, Thomas CORSANNE, Mary Anne
PERRY, Mary Ann
unknown by 1844 The Pastor who Founded a Political Dynasty
198 SENIOR, Mary JAGGER, Matthew Sir Charles Forbes 10/6/1839 A Successful Settler of the South Coast
199 WILKINSON, John Charles JONES, Elizabeth Watsford
COWAN, Mary Jane
Trusty 15/5/1838 He was a Man of Many Talents
20 200 FAHY, James TOBIN, Ellen Birman 6/12/1840 What Haappenned to James?
It's a Mystery.
201 PERRY, William CARY, Frances Agnes Glenalvon 28/12/1838 Reunited with his Family after Two Tragedies.
202 HILLIER, Jane HILLIER, John Katherine Stewart Forbes 17/10/1837 A Pioneering Teacher
203 ZILM, johann Christian MATTISKE, Anna Dorothea
KRUGER, Christiane Caroline Louisa
Bengalee 16/11/1838 A Prussian Pioneer Settler of Hahndorf and Nain
204 MILLS, Charlotte ASHTON, William Baker Rajasthan 16/11/1838 From Matron to Landowner
205 ASHTON, William Baker MILLS, Charlotte Rajasthan 16/11/1838 A Benevolent Landlord of 'Ashton's Hotel'
206 JONES, Rees VAUGHAN, Jane Rajasthan 6/2/1840 A Waterloo Veteran who Struck it Lucky
207 BUTLER, Patrick NAULTY, Sarah
SEXTON, Bridget (née DONNELLY)
Prince Regent 26/9/1839 An Influential Irish Pioneer of Clare
208 SCOBLE, John BELLMAN, Catherine
JOHNSON, Rebecca
Lady Bruce 11/11/1846 The Enterprising Inventor of a Stump Grubber
Baboo 10/3/1840 A Fuller who became a Miller
21 210 BAYNES, Caroline CARELTON, Charles James Prince Regent 26/9/1839 She Wrote the
'Song of Australia'
211 CARLETON, Charles James BAYNES, Caroline Prince Regent 26/9/1839 A Creative & Diverse Thinker
212 PAECH, Johann Frederick Wilhelm BARTEL, Johanne Louise Zebra 28/12/1838 A Religious Refugee finds Prosperity as a Farmer